2016-2017 E-board


President: Sarahi Preciado
Major: Kinesiology

I dance to feel the rhythm and the beat of a song pace my movements, to let go of the pressures a long day brings and be free; I dance to allow myself a moment in time where I can be myself. Being a part of the Salsa club has taught me focus and I’ve reaped the rewards of diligence, through it I’ve gained a newfound confidence, I’ve made many friends along the way and earned myself some pretty cool dancing moves. I’m excited to see what this year will bring; I hope to see many returning members as well as new ones join us. Remember we all started at the beginning; I’ll see you on the dance floor!

: Fernando Garcia
Major: Kinesiology

I started dancing because I needed to come up with something for my senior project in high school and so I decided to perform a salsa piece in the Spring Dance Show for my school that year. I needed a mentor so I decided to look at the different places where I could learn salsa and I ended up looking into the Salsa Club here at school. Although it started off as a project, it became more and more important to me and I have danced ever since. I have been dancing for a year and a half and have joined the team here at school since then. I am now currently the President for the Salsa Team this year and your Vice-President for the Club.

Salsa has given me a chance to meet some of the best people on this campus. I have made friendships that will probably last a lifetime and have learned that I can improve even more each day and know that there will be people there to support you along the way. That’s probably the biggest reason I dance. I dance so that I can learn something new each time or get better at something and grow with everyone. I also dance because it just feels right to.

: Ana Galeas
Major: Computer Science

Hello everyone! My name is Ana Galeas. I am the Treasure of the Salsa club. It has only been my 2nd year here at CSULB. I began doing the salsa club because I thought it would be really fun to try something new. It was hard to choose what club I should try but out all them I felt connected to salsa. I really wanted to learn how to dance but never had anyone or a place to teach me. I enjoy dancing, it’s a big stress reliever especially when you want to get your mind off work and have a little break. I hope to have great time this year with everyone.


Secretary: Robert Finch
Major: Psychology

Hey I’m Robert freedman-finch I’m a sophomore at CSULB and switching to the major of psychology. I absolutely love dancing it is my biggest passion in life and I hope to spread that love with everyone at the salsa club this year. I’m really easy to approach and always willing to help anyone who has a question so if you ever wanna learn or practice your dancing or even just school work don’t hesitate to ask.


Event Coordinator: Christopher Velez
Major: Biology
Most of my time is spent with my head in my books or working in lab which at times feels as if I’m missing out on my college experience. This all changed when I took my first salsa class on campus and I found my niche in dancing. It quickly became an outlet to allow me to express myself when I am otherwise not able. To me the art of dancing salsa is beautiful, mesmerizing, and powerful; It brings me a lot of joy and happiness. One of the best things social dancing has given me are long lasting friendships I’ve made over the years and I still hope to do so. I’ve known since freshman year that one day I’d want to be a part of the board to promote social dancing while also helping others develop their dancing skills and now I get a chance to do so. This club has a lot to offer and I hope I get to meet many of you and create great memories.


Historian: Jonathan Ramirez
Major: Film

My name is Jonathan Ramirez but everyone calls me Johnny! I’m a film major in my 4th year. I joined the salsa scene in the beginning of 2014 and boy has it been a life changer but for the better. At first it was a hobby, but it soon became a passion and lifestyle. I met many people and learned a lot about myself from salsa itself. But don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of bachata too, so how about you and I, me and you, bailamos bachata 😉


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