How do I join?

Everyone is welcome to any of our meetings throughout the semester. You can choose to pay for a semester membership or just drop in for that night.


Do I need a partner to participate?

No. Participants rotate throughout the duration of class allowing them to dance with members of varying levels and meet everyone in the class.


What if I am not sure, can I come once to see if I like it?

Yes. The first meeting of the semester is always free. It is your opportunity to see if this is something you are interested in. Furthermore, drop-ins fees for daily instruction are only $3.


Can I bring a friend who is not a student?

Yes. CSULB Salsa Club is open to anyone, non students and interested parties of all ages can attend.


Is there a dress code?

No. Our weekly lessons are held in a casual environment. Wear something comfortable you can move in. Often students participate directly after class in jeans. Some prefer sport attire such as tights, others like to be semi-formal.


What shoes should I wear?

For dedicated dancers we recommend that you invest in a pair of ballroom dancing shoes, they are specifically made for wooden floors. For beginners we recommend shoes without rubber soles. Wear flats that are comfortable, and shoes you can spin in. Soles should not be ribbed otherwise they will hinder your ability to move.


Do you have a dance team?

Yes. We have 2 dance teams on campus which are registered under the athletics department. The Salsa Spirit Team is a dynamic and fun way to get involved and have fun performing as a group. The Competition Team takes part in various performances and competitions. Both teams are looking for dancers of ALL levels, beginners are welcome. Auditions will be announced during club meeting.


Can I sign up for private lessons?

Yes. The club has a large network of instructors. If you are interested, approach any of the board members and they can direct you to someone who can tailor the lesson to your needs.


Is your club involved with clubs on other campuses?

Yes. CSULB Salsa Club is close friends with clubs from other schools like CSU Fullerton, UCI, USC, UCLA, UCR, UCSB, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and Sacramento State to name a few. We often attend and perform at each other’s events. Road trips are a must.

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  1. Hi CSULB Salsa Club,
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    Thank you!

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