How To Join The Team

Who Can Join:
Anyone with the interest and drive to become a better dancer is welcomed to our team. We are a college team therefore the majority of our members are students. We welcome community members to join as well and this is how we reach out to others.

We will be holding auditions. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!!!

When: TBA

Where: Pyramid room 003

Time: TBA

Wear comfortable clothes to dance in. Make sure to bring water and a snack. If you don’t have dance shoes bring socks.


What to Expect Being on The Team:
You should expect to work hard everyday, be on time, be respectful to your coach and peers, come with a good attitude, leave your problems at the door, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! Our practices consist of the following: Warm-up, Conditioning, Technique, Footwork, Styling, & Partner Work. The performance team tells a story with their dance and incorporates other dance styles. The competition team consists of ONLY CSULB STUDENTS and is a rigorous group of hard training students that represent our school and compete against other college teams and amateur teams.

How Much Time Do You Have to Commit:
The schedule for the performance team is Sundays 10am-4pm, Wednesdays 5-7pm, and Fridays 5-8pm. The Competition team usually practices daily and in the evening with varying hours and times. Most teammates practice outside of scheduled practices to catch up and perfect the routine. We EXPECT all dancers to practice on their own.

How Much are Dues and What do Dues cover:
Dues can change from year to year according to the amount of people joining the team and other needs for the team. Right now the Performance Team dues are $75 per semester and the Competition Team dues are $100 per semester. Dues go directly to the coaches. Costumes and shoes must be bought on your own. Since we are a college team, we try to make everything affordable.


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