Christopher Velez


Major: Biology
Most of my time is spent with my head in my books or working in lab which at times feels as if I’m missing out on my college experience. This all changed when I took my first salsa class on campus and I found my niche in dancing. It quickly became an outlet to allow me to express myself when I am otherwise not able. To me the art of dancing salsa is beautiful, mesmerizing, and powerful; It brings me a lot of joy and happiness. One of the best things social dancing has given me are long lasting friendships I’ve made over the years and I still hope to do so. I’ve known since freshman year that one day I’d want to be a part of the board to promote social dancing while also helping others develop their dancing skills and now I get a chance to do so. This club has a lot to offer and I hope I get to meet many of you and create great memories.